Pure Whitespace is one of the incarnations of my website. It's a website theme that literally has nothing but whitespace to frame things. No borders, no colour contrasts, nothing. (Okay, so I cheat a bit and have the buttons on the bottom turn slightly gray once you hover over them, but by default nothing is coloured or bordered.)

One of the reasons I decided to use a layout like this one is that I can never decide on a fixed identity for myself, and therefore a fixed design representing what I am. It's in constant limbo, so I thought I'd make a not-really-a-design to reflect that.

Basically, I'm lazy. And I barely ever maintain my website as it is currently, so doing a design with, well, minimal friction might give me more of a reason to do so. Besides, it's not like all my web designs aren't pretty much entirely whitespace-based anyway. (Not to mention this design is so responsive it hurts.)